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A few years ago you could practically throw your money at anything and make money from sheer appreciation, but times have changed. There is actually more money to be made now, you just need to be more prudent and creative in your investing strategies.

Cashflowing is still a great strategy (as long as your property isn't losing value), but there are much better ways to make more cash quickly.

As an example, real estate is cyclical (it will go up and down). So are the amount of buyers and sellers in a given market.

Weíre not just buying properties and hoping that they will appreciate or go up in value. Thatís not investing, thatís speculating
. Your completely dependent on future growth that is entirely out of your control. Thatís a conventional mindset and will not work in flat or declining real estate markets especially in the short term.

Like any business, you need to make well calculated decisions. In real estate, that includes making creative, risk free offers and setting up your exits appropriately for the specific investing circumstances. There are better and more creative real estate strategies for down and soft markets like wholesaling/flipping, assignments, lease options, foreclosures, short sales, wholesaling and "subject to" investing.

But even when doing rehabs or fixer uppers (which are not typically recommended in down markets) there are still good ways to make a good profit with the right system and proper planning, such as factoring in depreciation and extended selling times.

This is why faster, lower risk, more creative real estate investing strategies are better to use during market declines.

The point is market conditions should not determine whether or not you make money; itís how you approach it and what is appropriate for the circumstances.

When you structure risk free deals and make calculated decisions, the real estate market conditions will never be a determining factor of whether you are successful!

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"Finally one Real Estate course that I understood and could follow, I am using it as my reference book. Thanks"
M. Assar, California

"WOW!.. To make a long story short, I purchased your program, and I am overwhelmed with the information.. Plus, with your course, we get forms, credit repair manual, plus a guarantee! That's why I said, "WOW!"..
- R. Escobar, Michigan

"You guys comprised of THE BEST real estate course/ program I've have ever seen....thank You for such a Great Package!"

Antoine Jerell

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