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Flipping Real Estate Basics

Flipping real estate does not have to be difficult. You just need a solid system that will work for the current trends. Five years ago, buying properties and holding them was peice of cake.You could practically throw your money and anything and make money from sheer appreciation, but times have changed. There is actually more money to be made now, you just need to lose the conventional mindset and do things a little differently.

Renting for Cash-flow is still a good strategy (as long as your market supports it), but flipping real estate is a much better way to make cash quickly without the inherent risk of buying and holding. In our program we go through the details of how to flip real estate . This is also referred to many times as wholesaling.

Some refer to flipping as actually buying a property, then quickly fixing it up to resell it. This is a strategy you can implement but there are also additional financial risks that can be a concern, particularly in flat or declining markets.

When we refer to flipping, we are talking about tying up properties at a discount (using an agreement) and then assigning (or flipping) them to another buyer for a quick profit.

When you “wholesale or assign” a property to another investor, this just means you’re transferring the right to them to buy the property directly from the seller.

This creates the following advantages for you:

  1. It’s virtually risk free
  2. There is no need for excessive cash or credit, or any financing
  3. You are not taking ownership so there are no closing or holding costs (interest, taxes, insurance, etc...)
  4. You do no repairs or work yourself
  5. It’s great for generating quick cash

Once you get a property under contract, you will have control, without the liability. Then you can flip it to another investor at a higher purchase price or for a flat fee. They take your place in the agreement by way of the contract assignment, then purchase the property, take care of repairs and either keep it or sell it to someone else for a higher price.

This is a great no risk strategy to create quick cash without using any of your own credit, money or other financing techniques. Since you have neither of these limitations you can also do as a many as you want making Flipping houses a good cash flow strategy especially once you have a solid system working for you.

You can do these types of flips and assignments in up, down or flat markets. You have no risk because you are only tying up the deal to “assign” it to another investor or individual. So even if an area was depreciating severely, you never take ownership and assign the property in an average of two to six weeks. What about a worst case scenario?

Let’s say you don’t assign the property. Since you have no risk, you still lose nothing!That aside, this also gives you another exit strategy if you decide you want to pass off a property to someone else so you can move on to better opportunities.

Don't get stuck focusing a conventional methods or you will be dealing with a lot more risk. This allows you to eliminate these inherent risks and give you the best options you need to capitalize on the current housing crisis regardless of your circumstances.

Join the ranks of those profiting from the current crisis! Our system is geared specifically for today's real estate. Go to:
We look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals!

To your success,
The Creative Real Estate Team
Maximizing Profits from Today's Real Estate Trends

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