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"Subject To" Real Estate Basics

The “Subject to” strategy is a great low to no risk, no credit, and no money down strategies. They can be used with owners, preforeclosure or even with conventional methods as a better way to accumulate properties without credit and financing limitations.

This term comes from the clause “subject to existing financing.” With this strategy you are leaving the existing financing in place and just taking over those payments.

One thing we need to clarify is you are not assuming a loan. You as the buyer simply take over payments on the sellers existing mortgage and your name does not go on the loan. It will stay in the seller’s name. It’s a strategy that is completely legal in fact; if anyone tells you it isn’t, ask them to explain line 203 on the HUD1 form which says “Existing Loans Taken Subject To.”

Anyone can make a private contract to buy or sell a property. You will have the deed in your name and the seller still has the loan. Detailed instruction for profiting effectively now using Real Estate “Subject to” Deals with all applicable paperwork is included in the program.

There are other strategies that we cover and these will give you the best options overall to profit in any real estate market.

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